The family site of Lindbergs

The cottage of Sten - a little farm on the west side and south part of the mountain Billingen

The Lindbergs family - they appears at the farm Sten (Stone) in 1882 and leave for America 1892 - 93.

The story about the name of the farm tells us that there was a big stone/rockpiece just behind the barn you see on the black and white photo down here. The stone was blown up in pieces 1903 for buildingmaterials when they built the nearby local railway!

Here you can see what have been published on around Hemmanet Sten - just click on this link!

The cottage at the farm Sten - colored photo from 1905
The cottage at the farm Sten - colored photo from 1905

The same picture in black and wite. Here you vagely also can see the farmhouse behind the cottage in the birchwood.

Some field of Sten
Some field of Sten

The cottage of Sten today 07/26/2017! Only some cornerstones and the cimeny-pile remain in the grass under a huge birch. The local historien Arne Sträng and the Lindberg relative Nicole Fey stands on two corner stones in the west and the local historien Verna Andersson far back och Nicoles brother Jason stands on the other two stones. In the mittle Kent Friman is looking for some brick with sot on them for bringing to USA.

Happy sibblings with a brick from the old cottage fireplace!
Happy sibblings with a brick from the old cottage fireplace!

Direct from the records of Varnhems parish;

Worker  Gustaf Lindberg, born in Warnhem parish 10/07/1845 (1845-10-07)
                     - moved in 1882 with family from Ödegårdstorpet (Name means; ’Deserted farm cottage’)
                     - he left for N. Amerika the 2/2/1892 (1892-02-02)
Wife        Chatarina, born Engqvist in Broddetorp parish 1837 the 18/12 - she left for N. America 6/6 1893

Children that lived with them in the farm Sten;
Son          Johan Albin, born in Warnhem 11/12 1870 - moves to Sjogerstad 29/10 1886
Daughter  Amanda Josefina,  born in Warnhem 1873 the 4/4 -  moves to Björkagården, Västerås, 1891
Son           Erik Theodor, b. Warnhem parish 1883 the 21/2 - moved with his mother to N. America 6/6/1893
Son           Karl Henning, born in Warnhem 1875 den 7/7 - moves out to Öfverbo Sörgården 11/11/1892
Daughter   Anna Charlotta, född i Warnhem 1877 den 3/1 - moves home again in to Sten 1886

Gustaf Lindberg stands in the records for Sten as a ’worker’ - not farmer or ex drummer.
His wife waited almost one and half year before she moved over to USA with her sons.

We follow forwards;
Son    Karl Henning Lindberg, born in Warnhem 7/7/1975 - moves out to Öfverbo Sörgården 11/11/1892 and works some month as a farm-worker - from there he leaves for N. America 6/6 1893 together with his mother and brother who left from Sten

We follow forwards;
Daughter Anna Charlotta Lindberg, born in Warnhem 1877 3/11 - moved home to Sten 1886 - where she died 01/26/1886 (1886-01-26)

We follow forwards;
Daughter Amanda Josefina Lindberg,  born in Warnhem 4/4/1873 -  moves to Björskagården Västerås Västmanlands län 1891 - died in Västerås Karlsdal 15, 8/28/1927.
She married 12/4 1896 with Karl Johan Lindblad born 20/2 1870 in Västerås Cathedral congregation - died  5/7/1935 in Storgatan 1267, Västerås

We follow the family backwards from Sten - before Sten they lived in the Soldiers residence cottage Nr 330 between 1870 - 1882

The cottage of Nr 330 with the last soldier and his wife 1905. In the background you can see the farm of Sten.
The cottage of Nr 330 with the last soldier and his wife 1905. In the background you can see the farm of Sten.

We follow the family backwards from Sten;

Worker Gustaf Lindberg, born in Warnhem parish 10/

- he and his wife moved in to the Solders residence cottage Nr 330 in the year 1870 - he as a drummer for Military pupose - they lived here in 12 years to 1882, when they left for Sten.
Here all there children was born.


The size of the cottage was approximatly 5 meters x 8 meters = 40 m2, with one room, small hall and kitchen. In the valley between the cottages on the photo 1905, runs a new road between Varnhem and Skövde built 1870.

One year as rentals at Björsgården in Varnhem

Before this they married and rent a place at the farm Björsgården in Varnhem during the year 1869. Probably they worked for the rent - he as farm-worker och she as a maid.

Chatarina came as a maid from the big farm Hålltorp and Gustaf from his mother on the farm very near to Stenslund called Stenhammar and it’s poor cottage Stensbro.

A photo from 1990 of the nearby old Ryttare Torp ('Man-at-war' Cottage), Stenslund, taken from the place of the farm Stenhammar

We follow Gustaf through the previos places he lived before 1869 - first the poor cottage of Stenhammar namned Stensbro

You can see the poor cottage of Stensbro (Stens bridge) just above the river to the right, a distance above Sten. It was a poor cottage to Stenhammar (Stone hammer). Stenhammar is the farm above 'Ryttare Torp' on the map. 'Ryttare Torp' (Man-at-war Cottage) = Stenslund also close to Sten.

At Stensbro Gustafs mother Anna arrived from a correction arrangement in Stockholm 1856, where she had to serve for her 3:d time in jail for theft!
In this little poor cottage of Stensbro she moved in with here five children - from the records;

Made/wife  Anna Larsdotter Qvist, born in Ledsjö 1818
          - move in to Stensbro from ” a correction arrangement in Stockholm 1856”  
          - Note; ”in jail for the third time for theft" -”married with  former Soldier P. Qvist - he is a runaway"

Mutual son   Lars Johan Pehrson Qvist,  born in Skarke 06/24/1844 (1844-06-24) note;  "musikant"
Mutual son  Gustaf Lindberg, born in Varnhem 1845 Note; Drummer - namned in the military Lindberg
Mutual son   August, b. Varnhem 1847 - to Öfverbo Millomgården 1865 - home again - out to Björsgården 1869
Her illegitimate child    Frans Wilhelm, born in Varnhem 10/2/1857 (1857-10-02)
Her illegitimate child    Christina born in Varnhem 09/10/1860 (1860-09-10)

later on we can read;
Without defense;
Housed Anna Larsdotter Qvist, b. in Ledsjö 1818, "married with  former Soldier Per Qvist - he is a runaway"
Mutual son    Lars Johan Pehrson Qvist, born in Skarke/Varnhem 1844 24/6 - note;  "musician" - moved to Skövde 1868 and further on to Stockholm
Mutual son    Gustaf Lindberg, born in Varnhem 1845  Drummer - move to Öfverbo Smedsgården as a laborer 1865
Hers illegitimate child    Frans Wilhelm, born in Varnhem 10/02/1857 1857-10-02)
Hers illegitimate child    Christinaborn in Varnhem 09/10/1860 (1860-09-10)

-  Anna with here 2 illegitimate children move to the parish poorhouse in 1872
Note; ”her husband presumed as dead”

Your ancestors are really people that have moved in a circle around this namne of Sten - Stenhammar/Stensbro near Stenslund.

The parish poor house where Gustafs mother moved in 1872

The poor house was removed 1958 and was used as a part in a nearby farmhouse. The poor house was removed 1958 and was used as a part in a nearby farmhouse.

This parish poor house in Varnhem parish was bulit around 1860. So it was just 12 year before Anna and her two children moved in here 1872. It is situated only a step from Stensbro (and the other places where Gustaf comes to live).

Gustaf left mother a copuple of year earlier to be married 1869 and manished to be a Drummer and could than move in to the Soldieer residence cottage Nr 330 1870.

From the records when Gustaf's mother moved in to the poor house - she died here 1904

Click on the picture for bigger picture! Click on the picture for bigger picture!

Housewife      Anna Larsdotter Quist
, born in Ledsjö 1818 - in from Stensbro 1872
                        - Note; "the husband presumed dead - her husband is a run-away long ago
                        - she is several time punished for theft - se the criminal list
Her illegitime   Frans Wilhelm, born in Varnhem 10/02/1857 (1857-10-02) - moves to Överstegården 1874
Her illegitime   Christina, born in Varnhem 09/18/1860 (1860-09-18) - moves to Sk. Åsaka 10/18/1878

Anna dies here 08/17/1904
(1904-08-17) as pauper.

A search 2017-08-11:
About two of Anna Qvists sons with former Soldier P. Qvist
-the brothers of Gustaf; Lars Johannes and August Pehrsson Qvist

Anna Larsdotter Qvist had difficulties in raising her children without here run-away husband and former soldier P. Qvist. She had to survive by theft sometimes and that was rending her prison three times. The last time in a correction facility in Stockholm. Due to this she left her children in care of other people.

Her son Lars Johannes Pehrsson Qvist, born in Varnhem 1844, was about three years old when he came to the family of Andersson in Kjellehagen. Kjellehagen was a small farm under the Vickers farm, Prästegården.

1847 we find him living as a foster child by;
Small farmer Anders Larsson, b. in Varnhem 07/26/1794 (1794-07-26) - dies here 10/3/1858 (1858-10-03)
Wife               Johanna Carlsdotter, born in Varnhem 06/24/1797 (1797-06-24)
Son                Carl, born in Varnhem 16/10/1827 (1827-10-16) - move to till Örebro län 1858
Foster  son;  Johan Pehrsson Qvist, born in Varnhem 1844 - here between 1847 - 1856 and 1858 - 1868

Johannes Qvist leave Kjellehagen 1856 together with his brother to live with his mother some years in Stensbro and than he moved to Stockholm 1868.

His brother August Pehrsson Qvist, born in Varnhem 1847, was in a foster home in Tåbohlet, an other small farm under The Vickers farm, Prästgården, between birth to 1856, when he left to live with his brother at his mothers place, Stensbro some years. 1858 they both moved in by the family of Andersson in Kjellhagen, the foster family of Johannes Pehrsson Qvist. Johannes left 1868 for Stockholm.

August Pehrsson Qvist moved as a farm worker to Mellomgården, N. Lundby 1865

Foster parents to August Pehrsson Qvist (brodern) in Tåbohlet was;

Hut posser Eric Svensson, born in W. Klefva 02/21/1796 (1798-02-21) - Note; "of Gudhems district court doomed to church penance and six days i jail on water and bread"
Wife              Johanna Andersdotter, born in Berg 03/21/1798 (1798-03-21)
Daughter       Greta, born in Varnhem 1831 - moved to Berg 1848
Foster son    August Pehrsson Qvist, born in Varnhem 1847 - moved to Kjellehagen 1858

We are still searching for their births in the church books!

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